New outdoor kitchen and entertaining area

Some lucky person is getting ready for the new Outdoor Kitchen from Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota…you should be next! We can create a one-of-a-kind outdoor entertaining space just for you! Visit to get started on your FREE estimate.  


The enjoyment of outdoor cooking

Ahhhh…a BRAND NEW INSTALL….there is nothing better than knowing our customer will soon be enjoying outdoor cooking in this fabulous kitchen. 

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Seating for everyone!

Thinking BIG? You won’t believe what we can do to make your outdoor dream space a reality! At Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota we can transform your space to fit your needs, large or small.

The custom outdoor kitchen pictured was recently completed and has room for the entire team to watch the game while grilling and relaxing on the waterfront of Sarasota Bay. 

What can we build for you today? 


Expand your cooking area

Expand your cooking area to the OUTDOORS! At Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota offer complete, custom outdoor kitchens, that include a LIFETIME CABINET BASE WARRANTY! There is no better time than now to set up for outdoor cooking and entertaining. 


Lifetime Cabinet Base Warranty

💡Did you know? 

Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota offers a LIFETIME CABINET BASE WARRANTY! Other companies build their outdoor kitchens on lower quality support systems that can give way after time in the Florida sun and rain, who wants to worry about that a few years from now? Make sure you contact us at to get started on your quote for a fully custom, warranty backed outdoor kitchen.

Why settle for less, when you can have the best!


Start your Outdoor Upgrade Here

Considering making your outdoor space the Hub of your home? At Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota we are ready to help! Custom designed Outdoor Kitchens with a HUGE variety of accessories and upgrades to make your space the best! 

Blaze® Grills and Components
Stainless Drawers and Cabinets
Wine and Refrigerator Options
Trash Receptacles
Lifetime Cabinet Base Warranty
Beautiful Paver Design
Much, Much More!

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It’s Grilling Season

Are you ready fire up the grill but have realized your space is not what it should be? At Outdoor Kitchens of Sarasota we can make your grilling space GREAT!

We offer Custom designed outdoor kitchens built with Blaze® Products and a lifetime warranty cabinet base.

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